Best Private Morocco Tours

Your peace of mind is our top priority when discussing and finalizing your private Morocco tours details with us, with our private tours you can choose between many types as imperial morocco tours, Morocco Jewish heritage tour, Medinas & Kasbahs, Northern Morocco tour, Marrakech guided tour and many other private tours types. Whether you have a finalized itinerary in mind or just started to plan one, our Morocco tours experts will make sure the process is smooth: We can provide as little or as much assistance to finalize your private Morocco tour.

Morocco Tours Company in Marrakech is the most recommended among all tours companies in Morocco and it’s master in Private Tours and customized travels to Morocco. In the event that you can not discover the agenda you are searching for, basically, Contact Us and we will be upbeat to plan one particularly for you.

We offer for you private tours to discover north and south of Morocco and its lovely scenes, we welcome you to find with us the enchantment of Morocco desert tours and its undulating sand and starry sky in the Sahara, and Atlas Mountains, The Nomadic Life, the valleys and its supreme urban communities.

Our Morocco expert tours will be delighted to answer all your questions related to accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, local guides, desert camps, travel times as well as all the logistics behind, depends on a number of persons and your financial plan, and destination, we will customize for you incredible Moroccan visits in light of what you require, leaving from Marrakech and Fez or Casablanca. Our tours team apply similar principles and reasoning of private Morocco tours with no constrained shopping, no traveler traps, no concealed expenses, and adaptability.

Our Private tours guests are out there enjoying their Morocco tour with the locals, eating in cozy little restaurants, staying in small riad or Kasbah hotels, and traveling around Morocco in comfortable vehicles,  Our private Morocco tours are customized and planned just for you. Are you ready to be next?

just plan your private Morocco tours and let us handle the details, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Plan your Perfect Private Morocco Tours and Let us Handle The details.

imperial morocco tours

Morocco Tours Company will allow you experience the grandeur of the imperial cities of Rabat, Fes, Meknes, and Marrakech with the entire historical, architectural and cultural heritage they offer for Morocco’s first time visitor. Casablanca will also be part of this Morocco tours as it represents the heart of Morocco’s contemporary lifestyle, as well as hosting one of the most important mosques in the world: Hassan II Mosque.

Medinas & Kasbahs

Medinas and Kasbahs is the most popular tour of Morocco Tours Company ever! it will allow you visit the must-see locations Morocco has to offer: From the cosmopolitan city of Casablanca, the spiritual and cultural city of Fes, the Sahara desert and its adobe Kasbahs, majestic sand dunes, and oases, to Marrakech, the jewel in the crown. With this 10 days tour of Morocco, you will make the most of your Moroccan tour experience.

Morocco jewish heritage tour

This Morocco Jewish heritage tour will make you travel back in time to hear the tales long gone by of a Moroccan Jewish community before the vast majority immigrated overseas. Visit Mellahs, Synagogues, and Jewish cemeteries while exploring Morocco with its exotic atmosphere, amazing landscapes, historical heritage, and above all, the hospitality & tolerance of its population with strong ties to its Jewish diaspora.

Northern Morocco tour

Private Morocco tour from Tangier is ideal for visitors from Spain who want to explore northern Morocco crossing the straight of Gibraltar to Tangier, famous for its whitewashed Medina. Drive across the Rif Mountains to the beautiful blue town of Chefchaouen. Visit Fes, considered Athens of Africa by so many thanks to its historical, & heritage. This Morocco tour from Tangier is ideal for visitors wishing to combine Spain and Morocco.

Rock the Kasbah

If you want to combine Marrakech with an unforgettable Morocco desert experience, then this private Morocco tour is ideal for you: Explore Marrakech with its colorful Souks, vibrant Medina streets, historical palaces, and gardens. Follow the ancient caravan roads and visit Morocco’s Sahara desert, famous for its Kasbahs, canyons, and oases. Bring the nomad in you sleeping under the stars and visiting real nomads.

The Grand tour of Morocco

Experience the very best that our company has to offer in this 15 days Private Morocco tours : 8 UNESCO world heritage sites, 4 imperial cities & Medinas, three of the most beautiful towns in Morocco: Essaouira, Chefchaouen, and Asilah. The Atlantic coast sandy beaches, Morocco Sahara desert, the cosmopolitan city of Casablanca, the Atlas Mountains, Ancient Portuguese forts, and Roman archaeological sites.