Why our Morocco tours rates are so low?

When going over many of our Morocco tours itineraries, many of you will ask the obvious question: But why are your tours prices much cheaper compared to the international tour operators’ rates? You have pretty much the same itinerary, the same type of accommodation, the same type of vehicles, sometimes you even suggest the same escorting guides that lead some world known tour operators’ tour series! How come you are charging us almost half the price? Is there anything missing?

The answer is so simple: We try to sell direct to our international clients, cutting all the middlemen that made international travel so expensive nowadays. You buy direct from the source, and that’s what makes it cheaper, and also a genuine experience.

It is so simple : Imagine you’re having a choice of buying fresh vegetables from a supermarket or directly from a farmer on the way home in the countryside : not only you will be paying half the price when buying from a the direct source, but you will also buy a much better ingredient for your next meal !

We save you money on international marketing, various middlemen, and hefty margins applied by international tour operators/travel agents to cover their costs.

We also have the benefit of the local knowledge to suggest the right accommodation that will not blow your budget: a well-known riad in the Medina of Fes or Marrakech will definitely be much more expensive than a newly opened cozy property that we visited recently, and we judge I will be ideal for our clients, therefore, we negotiated a good deal with them, and that will save you a minimum of $300,00 per person on a 10 days Morocco tour/per room.

Sometimes, having an escorting guide throughout your private tour of Morocco is pointless, only a good, well educated English speaking driver will do the job, and when in major cities and Medinas, we hire a local guide to take you on a tour of the city for a day or half a day depending on the itinerary. This will save you around $400,00 per person on a 10 days private Morocco tour (based on two participants)

Buying a whole package including flights will definitely cost you a lot. Therefore, we encourage our clients to compare flights costs themselves and buy whichever is convenient for them. Buying your airline direct will save you a minimum of $100 per person.

Also willing to travel to Morocco off-peak season will give you the advantage of saving extra money on accommodation ( At least 15% ). Peak seasons in Morocco are:

  • New year’s / Christmas holidays
  • Late March to early May
  • Late September to late October

When you book your Morocco tours with us, you’re not only saving money, but you’re also benefiting from a local insider’s knowledge of Morocco as a destination. We take our staff every now and then on fam trips to visit new properties, be it Medina riads, Atlas Mountains lodges or Sahara desert camps.

Whenever a museum or an attraction is newly open, we are the first ones to be advised and invited to visit, we always try to stay off the crowd, and suggest uncommon activities for our guests to enjoy.

The result has been fantastic as we had many satisfied clients over the last few years. We are looking forward to counting you among them very soon!

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