8 best things to do in a Morocco tour

When visiting Morocco, seasoned travelers usually ask the same usual equation: What are the best things to do in your beautiful country? Visiting Morocco is a lifetime opportunity for us, and we don’t want to miss anything.
As a leading Moroccan tour operator specialized in tailoring Morocco tours for independent travelers, and according to our clients’ reviews, we have created a list to inspire you while deciding on where to go and what to do with your Morocco tour:

1: Have a dinner in Jamaa El Fna:

Considered the heart of Marrakech, and a UNESCO world heritage site, Jamaa Elfna Square transforms into an entertainers paradise in the evening: Story tellers, acrobats, snake charmers and musicians compete for every tourist attention. Snack stalls and surrounding cafés offer Moroccan meals for a relatively cheap price. Use your common sense to choose the right stall or café.

2: Sunset camel trek and desert camp overnight sleep:

Riding your camel over Erg Chebbi or Erg Chigaga dunes to watch the spectacular sunset, and end your caravan trail in a Bedouin or luxury desert camp is on every Morocco visitor’s top list. This is a unique, lifetime experience you will keep talking about for years to come. You can either include this desert experience in a Morocco tour, or organize it separately from Marrakech or Fes.

3: Haggle in the Souks:

You all have a gift list in mind while visiting Morocco, don’t you? Every Medina ( especially Marrakech and Fes ) have a large alleyway of Souks, where each district is specialized in a fabric: Leather, carpenters, jewelers, carpets, ceramics, etc……
Making the right choice on when and when to buy will help you get good bargains. Do not forget that haggling is part of the Moroccan culture when shopping in the Souks. Usually items are not priced, and the final price is determined on how good you are in bargaining.

4: Stay in a riad:

Riads are old traditional homes located in the heart of the walled Medina, converted into boutique hotels. Usually they have limited rooms ( between 6 and 20 )
Staying in a Moroccan riad will allow you live the real Moroccan experience: You are in the middle of the Medinas bustle, service is more personalized, and the staff considers you as their guest, not a client.
Architecture in Riads is what make them so special: most have a central courtyard with a fountain or bath tub, surrounded by Zellije tiled floors and archs, stucco and cedar roof tops.

5: Learn how to cook a Tagine or Couscous:

Moroccan cuisine has gained its international recognition thanks to its authenticity, rich ingredients ( which are mainly fresh ), and its fusion between Arab, Berber and French influence.
Immerse yourself in Morocco’s culture participating in a half day cooking class at one of the riads in Marrakech or Fes. Shop for fresh ingredients in the Souks like a local, learn about different herbs, spices, and oils Moroccans use for their daily cooking habits, and dine on what you managed to cook yourself in the patio of the riad.

6: Renew yourself from head to toe… at a Hammam

A Hammam is a steam room where Moroccans go to one a week to cleanse themselves. Hammams played a significant role in Moroccan culture for centuries. The ritual experience involves steaming, scrubbing and body massage.
Black soap, clay masques, and essential oils ( Argan, rose water ) will be used during this unique experience. In riads and hotels’ Hammams, couples can be adjoined, but not in Hammams used by Moroccans, as they have separate rooms for men and women.

7: Find peace in the streets of Chefchaouen:

Located in the heart of the Rif Mountians in Northern Morocco, Chefchaouen ( also called Chaouen ), is a peaceful, laid back town, famous for its silky blue painted buildings. From every roof top terrace in the Medina, you can enjoy the rugged majestic Mountains. Chefchaouen is ideal for Morocco tours starting from Tangier.
Enjoy a cup of mint tea at the main square located in the heart of Chefchaouen while watching locals and tourists mingling easily.

8: Live the hippie dram in Essaouira:

Just two hours and a half drive from Marrakech, lays a bohemian coastal town called Essaouira! It is full of artists and new age hippies living a laid back way of life together.
Essaouira is famous for its fishermen port, white washed Medina, wind surfing and kite surfing clubs, as well as various music, dance and arts festivals are organized in Essaouira throughout the year.