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Visiting Morocco uncovers a luring new world, with visit bundles that stop in wonderful cities like Marrakesh, Agadir, Fez, Tangier, and Casablanca, but do you know where exactly you can make wonderful tours and trips in to? Morocco Tour Company is prepared to welcome you and help you to make a good decision in order you can feel like an excursion to an alternate world, with immaculate scenes, old urban communities and hundreds of years old traditions, in spite of the ongoing triumph of tourism here.

The point of our  Morocco tours and trips is to make every one of those going with us enjoy Morocco’s nature, Sahara desert, people and culture, and cooking and many other nice things through visiting several Moroccan cities, you have just to choose among many different Morocco tours or trips types to discover the imperial urban communities of Morocco and the assorted society on this one of a kind visit and we will guarantee you wonderful memory about Morocco. Our fabulous morocco desert tours are composed particularly for you.

Whatever you want to do on your Morocco tours, travel, excursion, or tour, our team have the insider learning of the nation’s most looked for after encounters and know its best properties, from conventional bedouin tents to advanced riads, to make you to travel to wonderful places in Morocco and to guarantee your extravagance morocco visit uncovers the central core of this one of a kind destination in order to discover the beauty of Morocco.

Contact us in order to be your manual for Morocco travel and we will customize a moving private voyage, demonstrate to you morocco’s best-kept insider facts and organize your stays at enchanting spots.


Morocco Tours from Many Cities


imperial morocco tours

Morocco Tours Company will allow you experience the grandeur of the imperial cities of Rabat, Fes, Meknes, and Marrakech with the entire historical, architectural and cultural heritage they offer for Morocco’s first time visitor. Casablanca will also be part of this Morocco tours as it represents the heart of Morocco’s contemporary lifestyle, as well as hosting one of the most important mosques in the world: Hassan II Mosque.

Medinas & Kasbahs

Medinas and Kasbahs is the most popular tour of Morocco Tours Company ever! it will allow you visit the must-see locations Morocco has to offer: From the cosmopolitan city of Casablanca, the spiritual and cultural city of Fes, the Sahara desert and its adobe Kasbahs, majestic sand dunes, and oases, to Marrakech, the jewel in the crown. With this 10 days tour of Morocco, you will make the most of your Moroccan tour experience.

Morocco jewish heritage tour

This Morocco Jewish heritage tour will make you travel back in time to hear the tales long gone by of a Moroccan Jewish community before the vast majority immigrated overseas. Visit Mellahs, Synagogues, and Jewish cemeteries while exploring Morocco with its exotic atmosphere, amazing landscapes, historical heritage, and above all, the hospitality & tolerance of its population with strong ties to its Jewish diaspora.

Northern Morocco tour

Private Morocco tour from Tangier is ideal for visitors from Spain who want to explore northern Morocco crossing the straight of Gibraltar to Tangier, famous for its whitewashed Medina. Drive across the Rif Mountains to the beautiful blue town of Chefchaouen. Visit Fes, considered Athens of Africa by so many thanks to its historical, & heritage. This Morocco tour from Tangier is ideal for visitors wishing to combine Spain and Morocco.

Rock the Kasbah

If you want to combine Marrakech with an unforgettable Morocco desert experience, then this private Morocco tour is ideal for you: Explore Marrakech with its colorful Souks, vibrant Medina streets, historical palaces, and gardens. Follow the ancient caravan roads and visit Morocco’s Sahara desert, famous for its Kasbahs, canyons, and oases. Bring the nomad in you sleeping under the stars and visiting real nomads.

The Grand tour of Morocco

Experience the very best that our company has to offer in this 15 days Private Morocco tours : 8 UNESCO world heritage sites, 4 imperial cities & Medinas, three of the most beautiful towns in Morocco: Essaouira, Chefchaouen, and Asilah. The Atlantic coast sandy beaches, Morocco Sahara desert, the cosmopolitan city of Casablanca, the Atlas Mountains, Ancient Portuguese forts, and Roman archaeological sites.

Morocco Day Trips from Marrakech


Tailor Made Morocco Tours Company for Discerning Travelers

Morocco tour company is a brand of a licensed fully bonded travel agency located in Marrakech. We are specialized in tailoring your dream tours, be it for couples, families, and groups of friends.

Our work is diversified among many regions and families. When you choose Morocco Explored you’ll be supporting our many Moroccan partners, we partner with other insured agencies, guides, or camel ride drivers. This is enforced by Moroccan laws and we are dedicated to providing the best travel experience to our explorers. Transportation is by late model vehicles or minibus for larger groups.

Being travelers ourselves, we have a different approach towards your Morocco tours. We believe that experiencing Morocco is different than just visiting it! Delighting our guests, and exceeding their expectations defines our way of designing and customizing our best Morocco tours holiday packages. We totally believe that we are in the business of delivering dreams and experiences you will never forget, not just itineraries, hotel rooms, drivers, and guides like everyone else.

Our best Morocco Tours Company from Marrakech below are some of the best selling tours we have and they are intended to give you a full Morocco experience as they include the major Moroccan imperial cities such as Rabat, Fes, Tanger, and Casablanca, and Marrakech, They also include the Sahara desert of Morocco, We have chosen the best morocco tours, to make your outing exceptional and remarkable.

you can choose between our tours as you wish, we have several choices: private Morocco tours, Morocco desert tours, day trips from Marrakech, Marrakech to Fes desert tours Morocco shore excursions, northern Morocco tours, Marrakech camel ride and Morocco excursions from Marrakech, Marrakech desert tours 3 days to Merzouga and many other tours types, also you can choose between 1-day trip or 2 or more, so our package Morocco tours and day trips, as well as tailor-made tours, are carefully designed to accommodate your needs, interests, and wishes. We will surely go the extra mile to make sure your optimal satisfaction is guaranteed.

An ever-increasing number of individuals are visiting Morocco consistently so our strategy is so straightforward: to offer our visitors the best Morocco visit to discover the country from north to south involvement with the most aggressive cost. We’ve achieved that on account of our expert tours, neighborhood learning, and purchasing power.

A touch of Sahara desert magic especially with camel ride, a sense of divinity, and a feel of adventure are always brought to our approach when designing your Morocco tours itineraries, and the result was no less than hundreds of rejuvenated guests after a best memorable Morocco tour company in Marrakech. with us, you will experience Morocco not just visit it!!

Furnish us with a couple of beginning insights about your venture designs, and one of our Morocco travel experts will be in contact to give you a recommended, itemized agenda, answer every one of your inquiries and guide you through a straightforward arranging process.

Visit Morocco Sahara desert and set up together your fantasy sceneries we have all what you need.


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